Saturday, January 24, 2009

New category: Trees

Person in Tree, Polaroid  Collection of AG

Thanks to all who have so patiently waited for me to get back in the saddle! To inaugurate the occasion, I have chosen a new category for which to solicit contributions - Trees. I found this one at the Garage among a trove of good ones that I will slowly be posting. I chose it because I love silhouetted branches, and didn't even notice the person posing for the photo in the crook of the limbs until I got home and was studying each photo carefully. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back on the scene!

c.1900 School Biology Composition Book Drawing  collection Jim Linderman

 Still too many pots boiling, but I have renewed energy for the internet. I found a trove of good photos at the flea market and, while short a compatible scanner at home to add them, I have received a great submission from J. of , as seen above.  His blog is well worth the visit - take a look for yourself. 

Any new ideas for categories? I have plenty of ideas but welcome your thoughts. 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I found this photo about a year after the matching bird photo posted earlier! It could well have been in the same dealer's unorganized collection but the reunion was still wondrous. 
Above: courtesy of Louise Despont.

Sylvia's Drawing

Courtesy of Stacy Renee Morrison; drawing by Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander.


Angelica of Swapatorium has introduced me to her world, and what a world it is! She's an accomplished hunter and quite generously shares her trophies. Take a look!
She has contributed the handsome snapshot of Clyde and friend above. Reminds me of Alex.

Apologies for my inattention, dear friends!

The flu & laryngitis, apartment hunting, and a chaotic few weeks at my shop have all taken me away from uploading, downloading and hosting. An end-of-May excursion and a June move to a gorgeous apartment (any collector will no doubt sympathize with the impending task of packing and moving of a near Collyer-size mountain of curiousities and books) will make my blogging a bit spotty for the next couple of months - my sincere apologies in advance. But please do keep it coming! Each and every contribution means a lot to me.